Why Should I Clean My Gutters This Fall?

Cleaning your gutters is necessary to your home maintenance each fall. As the temperature level decreases, blocked gutters freeze and trigger your gutters to pull away from your home, causing large icicles and possibly destroying your gutter system. As winter season turns to spring and the ice melts, these blocked gutters can then trigger water to back up into the walls of your house, leading to thousands of dollars in damage.

When spring arrives, cleaning your gutters eliminates any extra particles that may have landed in your gutters after your fall cleaning, as well as any blooms and tree limbs that will clog your gutters and produce a breeding ground for mosquitos. In some cases another cleaning is required in late summer season or early fall, if your house has a lot of trees; cleaning the gutters at this time will avoid any blocking prior to the big quantities of leaves and needles that are sure to land in your gutters by late fall.

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