Rain and Windows

What If Rain Remains in the Forecast?

While rain can be refreshing, rain can quickly mess up your shiny clean windows. Much like you need hair shampoo in the shower, water alone will not completely cleanse your window surface areas. Many individuals are under the mistaken belief that if it has simply rained, there is no need to have to have their windows cleaned. Actually, a filthy window could really look even worse after a shower considering that the water beads will press dust and debris right into different directions leaving a visible mud residue behind. Tidy glass; nonetheless, will certainly remain clean after the rain water dries out.

window cleaning after the rainWork Well Done!
While we usually avoid working in the rain, there is no extra should fret over organizing your company in control with the rainfall forecast. Whether Prime-time television Window Cleaning cleanses your windows just before or just after a rainy day, your home windows will beam in the sun. Our specialists are friendly and also experienced for a work well done every single time!

Arrange for a Window Washing Service
We ensure our work to your satisfaction or you do not pay! We will likewise beat any by rate by a minimum of $10.00! What are you awaiting? Schedule with Star Brite Window Washing to get your windows clean.

Service Provides:

  • Inside & Outside Cleaning
  • Storm Windows Cleaned
  • Screens Cleaned
  • Sill and Frames Cleaned
  • Skylight & Mirror Cleaned
  • Any Size House
  • Professional Cleaners
  • Equipment & Supplies Included
  • Labor Included
  • Workman’s Compensation
  • Liability Insurance coverage
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