Power Washing vs Soft Washing

I was at a networking event lately and a lot of individuals were asking me concerning home washing as well as roof covering cleaning. They were aware of the prospective disaster a power washer can cause as well as I have to state that I was very impressed with their level of knowledge. Personally, I assume there is nothing far better compared to a knowledgeable consumer. Their inquiries, nevertheless, made me realize that LOTS OF others have to have the same concerns. The objective of this article is to talk about the distinction in between power washing as well as soft washing.

Among the main reasons we say we do power washing or pressure washing is since when a prospective client is wanting to obtain their residence cleaned or their roof covering cleansed, oftentimes, they will certainly look for somebody that does “power washing.” Power washing as well as pressure washing have become daily common speech. For example, exactly how power washing servicesfrequently have you listened to a friend or relative state: “I’ve been seeking a person to soft wash my home”? You don’t typically. In the long run, “power washing” as well as “pressure washing” are basic terms which cover a wide variety of washing as well as cleaning solutions which we perform.

Now let’s think of the equipment itself, which is generally called a power washing machine or pressure washer. Although it’s capable of shooting water at very high pressure, the majority of the time we aren’t using it in this way. It resembles an accelerator on a vehicle. For example, have you ever been to NYC and realized somebody driving a Ferrari with midtown Manhattan? Here is a car with the ability of driving over 200 MPH and yet it is creeping at a snails speed from traffic light to traffic light. So once again, the power washing (Ferrari) is capable of great power, yet when we are utilizing it to “soft wash” it’s like we’re driving in Manhattan., wonderful as well as sluggish.

Currently I do not desire you to think that we make use of a power washing machine to only do soft washing. There are times when you need higher pressure, although this is done mainly in commercial as well as commercial settings. So the term ‘power washing’ covers every little thing from soft washing (low power or pressure) to high pressure washing where appropriate.

ALRIGHT … allow’s specify; what is soft washing after that? It involves making use of low pressure and also environmentally friendly detergents to loosen the dust and also clean it away. Just how reduced is the pressure? There is no sector specification, but the way I prefer to clarify it is like this: The pressure is so reduced that you could safely position your hand in front of the stream of water appearing of the nozzle. If it’s secure for your hand, after that it’s risk-free for your home. The genuine secret to soft washing is expertise, training, and also method NOT pressure water. Keep in mind, a customer well educated on this subject is a good consumer, so go on asking those wonderful inquiries!

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